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I think that my services are very appealing for Real Estate, Home Improvement and Contruction , but I'm not getting any clients, may I have the community honest opinion?

If you work on any of the following areas, do my services sound appealing to you? how do you think I should promote then?

For Home improvement: We can help with the plans required by your local building department for residential and commercial permitting purposes.

For Real Estate: -We can do the plans for sale & rental permits -We can create photorealistic renders of a place interiors and front. -We can create a 360 virtual tour of any properties for as low as 70$ (for local simple tours, more detailed ones are more expensive because they need more advances platforms and a higher amount of pictures).

For Architecture/Engineer/ Construction -We can be of aid with autocad plans as long as they are reviewed and signed by a State certified professional (This is because we are not yet certified in New York State, most plans for real estate and home improvement permits don't require certification, but most architecture/engineer and construction plans do). - We offer a construction progress monitoring tool by creating 360 virtual tours of a construction site at fixed times intervals and comparing then with each other.

Please give your honest opinion.

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