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What are some effective ways to work with dissatisfied customers?

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Melissa, I'd need a few more details to be answer this question properly. I'll give you a few thoughts though.

Why are the customers dissatisfied? Is it customer service or because of the product?

If it's customer service, then that can be addressed by giving your team an update on how to treat customers. If it is a relevant product issue, then when presented with this I replaced it immediately and apologised. No questions asked.

Outcome - the product had got lost in transit and the customer was delighted that I was so responsive to what had occurred.

Customer service is one of the most important things you will do as a business person. It's the old quality respect, courtesy and being genuine. Of course, the quality product is always essential.

Some times you will get difficult customers and they also have to be managed.

Good luck with it all.

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A Happy customer is a good reflection to any business. There will be unhappy ones, rule number 1, the customer is always right - even if they aren't. First make it a habit to follow up with a customer after a purchase, just in-case they might want more. Mainly, because its builds relationships with clients and trust. A simple email thank you note saying your purchase was delivered, tracking number or copy of order, thank you note link to leave feedback or review, and ways to resolve any issues.

If there are issues what does your return,exchange,or refund policy state. Do you state anything regarding arbitration or court handling, and disclosures. Is there issue valid, can you swap the unit for same or better style, what is your relationship or coverage like with the supplier? Have you maintained an ethical, courteous, and honest position with the client?

Now the client is disgruntled and you need to address it!!!!??? Step 1 Contact the originating supplier in an attempt to locate a replacement and swap merchandise. Check return policy and warranty info. Thus leaving your client in a satisfied position. If you have to pay the shipping, its better to just write the loss off for tax purposes at least of the shipping fees. Step 2 if there is no way to fix the issue and you are not at even 1% fault includes improper packing-damaged during shipping, consider an arbitrator / mediator to find amicable terms among all parties. Step 3 the client has committed fraud or intentional damage to cause issue, such as buying a CAR on a payment plan, crashing it, and refusing to pay anymore or calling credit card getting purchase re-credited. This is a matter for insurance and courts. Step 4. is a disgruntled customer worth a bad reputation, reflection time. Smile, you catch more bees with HONEY, yes they sting. Remember when you are a business or in professional mode sticks and stones will break your bones but words will not. There should be nothing personal from you, every individual deserves equal respect, they have a right to say anything even false allegations (record it - sue for defamation to third-party) YOU DO NOT have the right to be disrespectful, you represent the business even when you aren't at work.

Follow-up, send a thank you note, have a pre-set guideline FAQ for certain addressing of issues, if wrong - REMEDY it asap, shipping damage, take unit back or have shipping claims filed (help client through procedure or do it yourself for refund of loss. Prepare a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, and Threats) of the situation, the greatest risk a disgruntled customer can pose is GOING OUT OF BUSINESS. Good luck.

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I could give you a really long answer and could also ask you for many details on what happened to address the situation correctly, but I will give you my short but always efficient answer: The most effective way to deal with a dissatisfied customer is providing empathy and AOH (Assurance of Help). You can have a bad product, but if your customer service is integral the customer will come back AS LONG AS you gather as much information as you can about his/her dissatisfaction and make it an upon reward.

Let me know if you caught the idea because I can give you the whole answer, but I want to know if you can guess it.


  • Humberto

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