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How it Helps

Businesses Grow with Mentorship

Expanding Opportunity

Based in the Bronx, Susan Boose was encouraged to join Business Mentor NY by her local EAP center. Operating as The Olive Branch Soap Company, Susan had developed a line of organic soaps and skincare products, but she needed help developing a concrete marketing plan. Through the platform, she was matched with Jacob Smith, a seasoned executive with 15+ years of experience in management, growth and development. Jacob helped Susan build an effective marketing strategy and through his connections, helped her start a conversation with the procurement department at the Bellagio Hotel chain. After trying out Susan's soaps, the Bellagio Hotel decided to become an ongoing customer—propelling her sales and business forward.

Susan Boose

BMNY Story Kitty Whiskers

A Fresh Start

When her long-time employer went out of business, Cheryl found herself without a job. A long-time animal lover, she decided to start a business that reflected her passions—Kitty Whiskers Pet Sitting LLC. There was just one problem: She had zero entrepreneurial experience, and no idea where to begin. Then Cheryl signed up for Business Mentor New York and everything began to change. Over the course of their meetings, Cheryl’s mentor showed her how to build her own website and talked through pricing. They used a financial planning worksheet to go over start-up costs and discussed loans and other business financing options. For every problem she encountered, her mentor had a solution, a strategy, or a resource. “He guided me through the entire process,” Cheryl said. “I would have been so lost without him.” Now, Kitty Whiskers Pet Sitting has been up and running for over a year. Cheryl has almost 20 clients, makes her own schedule, and has loads of fun. “Starting your own business takes a lot of time,” said Cheryl. “But it can be so rewarding to call it your own, to be your own boss... and be proud of yourself in the end.”

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